Fire Safe Cladding

Is Cladding a Fire Risk?

While there have been fires such as the Grenfell Tower and the Neo 200, which may have been made worse by the cladding used...

The cladding we use are not a fire risk.

While cladding is any material that is applied over another material -- when used on homes, its purpose is to prevent the home from the elements. This means that the materials used are thermal insulating and weather resistant.

Being in Australia, with our high temperatures and increased chances of fire, it is common for our cladding to contain non-combustible features.

And especially since the fires from Grenfell and Neo 200, there has been increased attention on using non-combustible cladding. We promote this 100% and we push all our clients to install these in their homes. For their family’s safety and even their neighbours.

We provide safe Cladding Options

Our clients enjoy the safety and comfort of using fire resistant cladding panels. The products we provide them with have gone through thorough cladding fire testing. This means that in the case of extremely high temperatures, they do not combust.

While we stock a wide range of cladding options, the ones we recommend, especially to those concerned with fire safety, are Nu-Wall and Scyon cladding.

These both provide excellent aesthetics, while maintaining a composition of non-combustible materials.

We have a wider range of cladding available, which you can find by clicking here.

But for the best cladding for fire safety, choose Nu-Wall or Scyon.

Which brand to choose, Nu-Wall or Scyon?

If you’re looking for non-combustible cladding in Victoria, Nu-Wall and Scyon are two of the best options we have.
We offer these to both builders and residential home owners.

But to decide which one is right for you, is a matter of aesthetic preferences. Both companies provide excellent fire rated external cladding to protect you and your home.

Sycon’s Linea Cladding has clean horizontal lines to mimic the look of traditional timber cladding. Except, it’s made from non-combustible materials.

Sycon’s Stria Cladding is similar in design. It closely mimics the look of traditional timber and it’s made of non-combustible materials. However, the design makes it look more similar to timber boards placed side by side (or with a gap if desired)

Nu-Wall Aluminum Cladding has a lot of flexibility in terms of design. You can customise it to mimic wood, to have a contemporary sleek metallic design, and even have unique textures (like overlaps, different joints etc)

Want Fire Safe Cladding in Melbourne? Give Us a Call

If you’re looking for someone who can help recommend, supply and install your fire safel cladding in Melbourne, then look no further than DC Carpentry & Cladding.

Our friendly, experienced team will be happy to direct you towards the best option, or work with your existing ideas if you already know what you want.

Interested in fire safe cladding installation in Melbourne? Contact DC Carpentry today for a custom solution that will surpass your expectations!

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